Your cabinets are designed to give you years of trouble free service when installed and cared for properly.

The cabinet environment plays a big role. A controlled environment, maintaining 40-55% humidity, is required. Excessive humidity can cause wood expansion and warpage, whereas a lack of humidity can result in shrinkage or contraction of wood. This expansion and contraction can result in cracks or splits in wood.

Everyday care is also important. Even though the finish is hard and durable and can withstand a number of household chemicals, cabinets should be treated as wood furniture. Excessive moisture should be avoided since the finish is moisture resistant, not moisture proof.

For daily clean up, use a damp lint free cloth. A small amount of mild detergent mixed in warm water may also be used. After wiping or cleaning an area, dry immediately with a lint free cloth.

Avoid the following.
a) Excessive rubbing can cause a “shiny” spot on affected area.
b) Do not use scouring pads. They may cause scratches in finish and change appearance.
c) Do not use harsh chemicals, powdered cleansers or ammonia products. They may result in dulling or damaging the finish.

Touch up material is available through your dealer to address scratches, chips and dents may occur with normal wear.

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